Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Preschooler Being Asked to Change His Sign Language Name?!?!

Ok, I've taught children for quite some time and as you all know I have a son of my own. I just came across this video last night and had to share it!

S.E.E. - Signing Exact English
What is Signing Exact English?

Signing Exact English is a sign language system that represents literal English. To make visible everything that is not heard, S.E.E. supplements what a child can get from hearing and speechreading. Since American Sign Language (ASL) has different vocabulary, idioms and syntax from English, SEE modifies and supplements the vocabulary of ASL so children can see clearly what is said in English. This system was first made available in 1972. (From the site below)
Check out to learn more about S.E.E. I know that policies have gotten a lot stricter when it comes to weapons in school, but a child's name in sign language resembling a weapon! This child is signing his name!

I have to say, if I were an educator in that district, I would be on the family's side in this one!

Are we going to start pulling letters out of the alphabet because they "resemble" a weapon or a religious symbol? Let's get real people!

This is the way the child says his name and should be allowed to sign it! It's his right!

I may be one person, but I do not agree with this one! Be strong Hunter and Family!

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