Friday, August 3, 2012

Saving A Squirrel

To save a squirrel or not? That is the question! We believe that every living creature is valuable! That is why we always choose to save an matter what it may be! We have quite the wildlife reserve (we like to call it) here in Pennsylvania! Animals all over the place. ;) We love animals! Well, it's been pretty busy around here lately with baby animals being born in our yard! We had a mother rabbit choose to build her nest right under the carrots in our garden, everybody was safe and sound! Smart thinking Mama Rabbit LOL! Although lately we have had to help out a few of the creatures in our yard. We had a pretty nasty storm last week that knocked a couple of newborn squirrels out of their nest in our oak tree. :(

They looked similar to the picture above. We found one that had already passed away and tried very hard to help the second one, but he eventually passed as well.
Tonight I let the dogs out and Daisy, our lovey cocker spaniel, was sniffing at something. I asked her what she found, she wagged her tail at me and looked back down at it. I went over to discover another baby squirrel under a our magnolia tree this time. I called for my husband, thinking it was already gone; he came to check it out and discovered that even though he was injured, he was quite lively!

He looked a little more like the picture above with his eyes still closed but starting to get his grey! ;)
We automatically jump into action, trying to save this little guy! While trying to keep him warm with towels heated in the toaster oven, my husband calls a woman from the Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center that he has connections with at work. She tells us to put some heated dry rice in a sock and place it next to the blanketed little guy in a shoebox. We put him in a critter container with one of Jackson's old receiving blankets, rice and a washcloth. We told her to keep everything and consider it a donation to the organization! She took the little guy with her and has already reported back to us that she thinks a cat may have gotten to him, but he is quite a fighter! So we are looking forward to the next report! ;)

This picture displays the squirrel life cycle...I found it interesting. ;)

All of the pictures in this post can be found on Google Images! There are so many! It was hard to choose! LOL!
If you find an injured animal in your area, be sure to contact your local wildlife rehabilitation center!
Let me know in the comments if you have ever saved an animal! Would you save a wild animal or not?
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Appreciate you all! Talk to you soon!!!! ;)

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