Friday, December 21, 2012

True Christmas Joy and Blessings

This Christmas Season we at LifeDesigning1 are all reminded of the True Blessings we have in our lives! We attended Mass at our son's school today to celebrate Christmas Joy and Blessings as well as praying for those in the world affected by harm! 

We watched our baby (Jackson - 6) walk in with his 8th grade buddy, decorate the Jesse Tree and sing for us. What a beautiful Mass! Probably one of my favorites ever! Jackson and his friends sang so strongly and proudly! 

Here are some pictures from today at Mass!

Jackson waits for his 8th Grade buddy after decorating the Jesse Tree ;)

Singing with his friends and all of the 8th Grade buddies!

We've been spotted! He ran over to give hugs! He sang so well! We are so proud!

Mommy, Daddy and Jackson! <3 So Proud!
I spent time crying in Church as I thought of last week's events in Connecticut!

The priest explained that there were 26 candles lit in the Church to represent those who passed away at Sandy Hook. :'( Our hearts and prayers have been with them since it happened! We have added them to our prayers at night and Jackson's school prays for them daily as well!

Remember your True Christmas Joy and Blessings!

Take a moment to say an extra prayer for those at Sandy Hook or if you're not the praying least give them a moment of silence.

I know it's a little blurry...but the small red candles that lead up to Jesus and those in the shape of a heart represent those at Sandy Hook :'( God Bless Them!

We took a moment after Church to light a candle, say a few prayers and Thank God for all of the Blessings in our lives! <3

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you this holiday season! 

Thank you for reading our blog! <3

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Burnt Rabbit Fur and St. Patrick's Cathedral ~ Adventure Days Part 4

As I told you before...
We had an amazing time in New York City for our Adventure Days!

I've got some more pictures to share: ;)

Jackson with is giant FAO Schwarz bag outside of the Apple Store!

Riding the escalator at Trump Plaza! Jackson loves escalators!
What to eat? What to eat? So many yummy choices at Trump!

Jackson's favorite was the carrot cake of course! LOL!


Looking for fish in the Trump fountain! "No fish Gamma!"
The top of the Trump Plaza Christmas Tree! (2nd Floor)

More beautiful New York City decorations!

We saw Waverly Place!!! I was so excited! Wizards of Waverly Place is one of my Favs!!!

Jackson thought this was the best artwork at the New Museum! Watch the dogs carefully! It wasn't easy getting the video at night, but it is really cool! I wonder how many people actually notice these beautiful dogs!

If you know the story of Eloise at the Plaza by Kay Thompson (I used to teach Pre-K remember) then you definitely want to visit The Plaza Hotel! It was filled with Eloise things and even an entire Eloise store! Loved it! The pic of the Eloise books will take you to the Barnes and Noble site if you would like to check out more about Eloise.

Jackson and the Eloise at the Plaza sign!

I saved the best for last! One of my absolute favorite things from our Adventure Days in New York City was visiting The Plaza Hotel and seeing....SANTA!!!

Santa wasn't too busy, so he actually called Jackson over to him so they could talk! I loved it and Jackson was just thrilled! He felt so special to have Santa say he wanted to talk with him personally! Wow! Then Santa put us right in front of a group of 5 older girls so he could get his picture with Jackson 1st...the girls thought it was adorable and were very understanding! It's so nice to be in a world with such wonderful people!


I think someone was a little pooped after 2 wonderful days in New York City!

He was so excited to tell everyone about his Adventure Days in New York City! He told lots of people about Santa and also his Burnt Rabbit Fur story too! (Don't know the story? Check it out here!) That may be one he remembers for the rest of his life! LOL!

If you're planning on visiting New York City this Christmas...then definitely check out our posts about Our Adventure Days in New York City!

Burnt Rabbit Fur and St. Patrick's Cathedral - Adventure Days

Burnt Rabbit Fur and St. Patrick's Cathedral ~ Adventure Days Part 2

Burnt Rabbit Fur and St. Patrick's Cathedral ~ Adventure Days Part 3 ~ More Pics

I love having these Adventure Days with Jackson! I am so thankful to have the ability to work from home so that I can do these things with my son!

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Burnt Rabbit Fur and St. Patrick's Cathedral ~ Adventure Days 2 ~ More Pics

Yay! It took a few days, but I was finally able to upload more of the Spontaneous New York Trip pictures! Check them out!

This was a completely Spontaneous Adventure Day:

We talked about it and...
decided Wednesday night...
to drive into New York City on Thursday and Friday! ;)

As you know from our last post:

Burnt Rabbit Fur and St. Patrick's Cathedral - Adventure Days

We had a pretty eventful day! Just a little scary with the mini fire though! But that didn't stop us! We headed back into New York for another Adventure Day! We did not go back to St. Patrick's Cathedral with Jackson's Rabbit Fur Hat though! LOL!

This is the video of Jackson after school on Wednesday....
If you have a Kindergartner, you know how tired they can be afterschool...
but we did get a little excitement out of him after mentioning New York City and FAO Schwartz! LOL!

Store in NYC decorated like a present for Christmas! Jackson loved seeing all of the different store fronts!

Our first view of the Rockefeller Center Tree! <3

Jackson and I in Times Square! He loved all the huge TV Screens! ;)

Mickey, Minnie and I in Times Square! (They will ask for donations after they come to you for a picture!)

Jackson wanted his picture with Mario in Times Square of course! LOL!

In Toys R Us ~ Wonka Land! Loved it!!!! <3

Holding our tickets for the Ferris Wheel inside Toys R Us!

Oooh We're next!!! Which car will we get?

Yes, Toy Story! Our turn ;)

Mom taking a picture of Jackson and I from the 2nd floor in Toys R Us!

My baby and I! I love Adventure Days!

Whoa! Jackson wasn't quite sure if this Dinosaur was real or not! Very cool!

Outside of Toys R Us....These characters all jumped at us for a picture and then asked for money!

Outside the Disney Store in Times Square with our I <3 NY bag! Mickey's head was the heart! ;)

Jackson and his 2012 Christmas Mickey!

Jackson was amazed by the gigantic Christmas Ornaments! <3

Right next to the Rockefeller Christmas Tree! Lights are on now! Yay!

Showing Jackson Rockefeller's Ice Skating Rink! Couldn't go this time, but definitely next time! The lines were enormous! I finally got my coffee too! Woohoo!

Love this shot! Not sure what I'm telling Jackson but great picture! LOL!

Gamma and her little boy at Rockefeller Center! It's so hard to get a straight on shot with so many people taking the same picture LOL! Love the Angels and Tree! Beautiful!

My baby and I at St. Patrick's Cathedral after the mini fire incident! <3

Don't know about the mini fire incident....Check it out here: 

This is such a perk when working from home! I absolutely love it!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Have you seen these crazy Skittles Commercials?

YouTube rocks...
I was searching YouTube looking for some fun videos...
I came across these Great Skittles Commercials! 
You've got to check them out! 

I loved this Boom Box the Rainbow Skittles Commercial!
What would you do with a Skittles-covered boom box? Hahaha

Boom Box the Rainbow

Uploaded by SKITTLESbrand on Dec 3, 2011 What would Trale Lewous do if he got an insanely sweet Skittles-covered boom box? Skittles interpretive dance, of course! Music by FantomenK.
To check out more Great Skittles Commercials Click Here!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Burnt Rabbit Fur and St. Patrick's Cathedral - Adventure Days

We just got back from spending 2 spontaneous days in New York City!

:) A definite perk when working from home! :)

We talked about it and...
decided Wednesday night...
to drive into New York City on Thursday and Friday! ;)

Mom, Jackson and myself did some of the following on Day 1...

(These are only a few of the pictures we took on Day 1...
I will post more as soon as they get uploaded to the computer from Mom and my phones LOL ;) )

  • Shopping in Times Square...
  • Enjoying Rockefeller Center...
  • Riding a ferris wheel in the middle of Toys R Us...
  • Spending precious time in the gorgeous St. Patrick's Cathedral!
(Which might smell a little like burnt rabbit fur

Riding the indoor Ferris Wheel in the middle of Toys R Us!

Jackson and I in the Toy Story car of the Toys R Us Ferris Wheel! We were pretty lucky...almost got a Barbie car LOL! 

Take notice to the HAT!

This is Jackson's favorite HAT! Lined with Rabbit Fur!

Notice "No HAT" and candles in the background! 

Yes, Jackson and I are standing in front of the Nativity Scene at St. Patrick's Cathedral with my heart pounding at this point...


This would be right after Mommy whipped that hat off of Jackson's head...he leaned to get a stick to light a candle and caught his left ear flap on FIRE just a little...

It was a tiny, yet very scary FIRE on my child's Rabbit Fur Hat that was still on his HEAD!!!

He leaned...
It caught FIRE...
And my hand closed that quickly around it!!!!

He was completely fine and didn't even realize what had happened until I had my hand by his head...

We took off the hat for a while after that...

The scent of burnt rabbit fur filled the air for some time in New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral...
My hand smelled of burnt rabbit fur as well...
Jackson smelled it full force from my hand and the edges of his burnt rabbit fur left ear flap of his hat....LOL

Oh the events that can occur while enjoying our Adventure Days together!!!

Stay Tuned for more pictures of our Spontaneous Adventures in New York City!

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