Saturday, August 25, 2012

Anxiety Will Not Get ME Down!

Definition of PANIC ATTACK

: an episode of intense fear or apprehension that is of sudden onset and may occur for no apparent reason or as a reaction to an identifiable triggering stimulus (as a stressful event); specifically : one that is accompanied by usually four or more bodily or cognitive symptoms (as heart palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath, or feelings of unreality) and that typically peaks within 10 minutes of onset 

I wrote the following post in my journal while sitting at the dr's office on a Saturday night! I am a real person! I fight real battles! Sometimes I feel like this:

I thought I would create a post about anxiety and panic attacks. This is something that happens to a lot of society, but it's a matter of will you let it get you down?

I have posted before about my amazing grandmother who passed away back in 2008 and my mom who survived a widow maker heart attack on the way to burying my grandmother. This was a very traumatic day in my life! I understood everything with my gram because I had helped take care of her and had her live with us during the last 4 months of her life. So yes, understood, but still missing her!

Mom's heart attack on the other hand was a complete shock to our family and the entire funeral procession for my gram! Mom had suffered a widow maker heart attack while in the limousine of the procession! The entire procession stopped in the middle of the street! My aunt performed CPR on my mom and a sergeant in the local police department "made a wrong turn and came upon our funeral procession!"

Being a sergeant in the local department, he had a defibrillator in his vehicle. He used the defibrillator on mom right before the ambulance showed up, they raced mom ( breathing at that point ) to the nearest hospital where they performed surgery immediately! Mom is at 100% and doing amazingly! God definitely watches over all of us!

Anyway, why did I tell you this story? Well, because as I said earlier it was a very traumatic day for me! I was very strong that day and trying to help figure out things for the situation at hand, but as time went on, my anxiety got me down! I ended up at the doctor in the middle of a panic attack and crying my eyes out! He tells me that I am not alone! Other people get like this too! Panic attacks are one of the scariest things for me to endure! They make me feel completely out of control of myself and sometimes even feel like I could die!

I can't stand it anymore! As I write this, I am sitting at the doctor's office in the middle of a panic attack! It absolutely sucks! What horrible feelings! I am writing this to help calm down, because I love blogging, and to say out loud that I am tired of letting anxiety get the best of me!


This is important! If you feel this way, you are not alone! Remember that and take the steps necessary to feel better! Visit your doctor and discuss it with them! I couldn't battle the feelings on my own! I tried for a long time! I finally came to the realization that i need a little extra help sometimes!

Hope this post has helped someone today! I know writing it has helped me as I wait for the doctor to come in.
I refuse to let anxiety and panic attacks get me down! I push right through the best that I can and keep going as Mommy, wife and business owner!

Talk to you soon! Comment and give a share so I know I'm not alone! ;)


  1. My heart immediately went out to you as I read this post.

    I have way more experience with anxiety than I would prefer.

    Since my 15 year nursing career was focused on heart patients and critical care, I helped many patients and family through anxiety attacks. Typically I am a very calm person never having anxiety myself.

    Since my car accident I had anxiety creep in my personal life. If I move my neck the wrong way or too much sometimes my pain intensifies so much and so quickly that I become debilitated right on the spot. If I am away from home it causes anxiety since I am not sure if I can get myself home, how people around me will react, if I am going to vomit (which often happens when the pain gets worse quickly) and the list goes on with the number of thoughts that can bring on the anxiety.

    My QiGong and quiet sitting training as well as visualization practices have essentially eliminated the anxiety monster. For that I am thankful.

    I hope that you find a lasting solution! :)

    1. Thanks Susan! I will have to look into QiGong again! Also got a name of a great book from a friend to check out! I'm much better now! Just tired! Thank you for sharing your story with me! <3