Saturday, September 1, 2012

Children = Inspiration

My baby is spending the weekend with my Mom and Dad and enjoying every minute! I did get to meet up with him and Pa at the bowling alley and get creamed by my Dad! LOL! There was a clincher though...I had to bring Jackson's bike and, was he coming home with me? Nope!

Jackson will be turning 6 on Monday (way too fast!) and usually bowls with the bumpers up, not today though, he wanted to bowl like Pa! So, with no bumpers, he bowled a 59! That was pretty impressive! We are so proud of him!

He recently finished up his summer McDonald's Bowling League and received a trophy. He was so proud and made sure to point out that his trophy is much bigger than any of Mommy's trophies! LOL!

Jackson, as with any child, is an inspiration! He's used to bowling with bumpers...yes...but what does he do? Strive for the next step, Strive to be better and be willing to Step out of the box, out of his comfort zone to become a better person! 

We can learn a lot from children, we need to take a step back to our inner child, the one that is willing to take risks. We, as adults, have lost the ability to be able to choose to take a risk whenever we want!

I have been getting myself back to my inner child, I have been taking the risks to make my life better! Ya know what? It's working!

You have to be able to take a risk! If you don't, you will never know what could have been! That's something that could be regretted for the rest of your life! Is that what you want?
Thanks to friends on Facebook for some of these great inspirational pics!

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