Friday, April 5, 2013

To Do Today: Eliminate the word "can't" from your vocabulary

Hi everyone,

Are you ready for some weekend relaxation or what? We are!!
Here's a little task we'd like you to try today....

Don't think or speak the word "can't".

We're going to explain why we want you to try this and how amazing this little contraction is...

Are you thinking of "better things" in life?
Are you holding yourself back in life?
How often do you use the phrase "I can't"?

Can't is a nasty, yet powerful little word. It gets in your system and tells your brain some ridiculous things!! 

Can't is in the conscious part of your brain. 

The conscious part of your brain makes lists, remembers to pick up milk and lock your door when you leave the house. 

The conscious most certainly has its job to do. 

But check this out...

an interesting thing is how your conscious and subconscious work together....

Your subconscious focuses on different things than your conscious.

It focuses on keeping you safe, reacting quickly, your dreams, solving big life problems, happy
thoughts, stored memories, fears, etc. etc.

Your subconscious also listens really well to your conscious.

Kind of like its servant.  

If your subconscious hears "I can't"...

it goes about the rest of your head and body notifying your nerves, muscles so on and so forth

"hey guys! Conscious says we "can't" so warn everyone!"

So then....

Nerves go on alert, muscles get tight, stress seeps in, avoidance starts...

But wait one doggone second!! Just because you THOUGHT "hmmm, I can't do this," does it really mean you can't do it?
Um, NO!

You're at a decision point.
The point of taking action.
The point of "I want something better and this looks interesting but... Can I, or can't I do it?"

And here's your answer...

Change that thought, feeling, nervousness or fear and take control over your own mind.  



There's a reason you're reading this...
That's how you make any real change in life!

A baby step. One tiny thing, and you already did it!
You sought information to make a change!

We already know....
- you can do it.
- you can be successful.
- this is the best system out there.

We've seen it happen. 
We see the results of those people who squashed their "I can't's"
We, at one time, did it too!

They didn't give up on their dreams! 

So... spend the rest of your day, coming down from a crazy week...

Fighting those "can't's" with another baby step.

Tell your mind "I'M IN CONTROL!"
"I WANT a change and its time!"

The tools are here for you.
The support is here for you.
The team is here.

We're just waiting on you to fight back on "can't".
Make "can't" your enemy today.

Have an amazing day!
Do one thing for yourself today... 
Don't think or speak the word can't.

See how long you can go!

The LifeDesigning1 Team

P.S. I have always taught and continue to teach Jackson that 
"can't" is not part of our vocabulary! Actually, I taught that to many children 
over the years! ~ Nik

We believe in you!

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