Sunday, April 7, 2013

Heathy Everyday Living

Good things to know!

Amazing how everyday foods can benefit us!

We don't need the preservatives!

Source: via Drew on Pinterest

Soothing for the Tummy!

Detox Idea

I'm gonna have to try this!
Healthy things that just don't even come to you! LOL!

I put Lemon in my water....but frozen fruit! What a great idea!!! 

Having fun on Pinterest!


  1. I love the froze fruit idea too. We are changing our lives as well! Going more natural...but not being a freak about it! We have cut out sugar, and other nasty stuff and started juicing.

    Love the post!!

    1. Juicing is one of my faves! When you look at all of the junk they're putting into foods these's way better to go natural! But we aren't freaky about it either! You still gotta get pizza :D