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Day 2 – Utilizing what’s ALREADY THERE to get whatever you want :)

A message from David Wood:

It was early May of 2011, and I had been invited to speak at No Excuses II.  (an event my pals Ray and Ferny put on each year)

I had been marketing for almost 2 years at that point, and had mastered the process of getting people to make a decision to join whatever it is that I want.

Over the last two years, as I remembered back, I had gone from generating leads and closing over the phone, to a point where I would answer 4 pre-booked appointments per day, and would close 95% of everyone I talked to… LITERALLY everyone would make a decision to get in.

Being the most ADD of the speakers, I decided to put off selecting my speaking slot until the last possible moment, and I was scheduled to speak…

…lastat 5pm, on Sunday – after Mike Dillard.

One hour before I was about to get up – I watched in awe, as Dillard utilized the power of copywriting, LITERALLY reading his speech word for word, inspiring fear into the audience, as he talked about the impending financial collapse and why you need to take action, now – if you want to survive…

…when he finished, the ENTIRE ROOM believed his message, and if you were there, you would have wanted to pull out your credit card, and buy his products, right then.

After he spoke, I walked in to a room of terrified people (his speech was one of the BEST demonstrations of the power of words I’ve ever seen).

The room was cold… people were nervous… they were tiredit was Dillard - how could I (a lowly peasant) captivate the audience?


Utilize what’s already there, to get whatever I want :)

2 hours later, I had my first $33,000 day.


Keep reading.

(Just because I made $33,000 in a day using these concepts, doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to command the forces of money at will, too – See our Full Income Disclosure)

Six months ago, I was talking to a hypnotist.
(I often do)

After a long trance, as I was waking up, he said:

“And as you wake up… and begin to pay attention… you might even notice that the color red seems slightly brighter than it usually is… you may even have the color red STAND OUT in your awareness… and this is just your unconscious mind, showing you that you’ve made a new decision… and that this change will become more, and more apparent through the evening, and this color… this red… you may even remember this new decision, as you notice…  On the count of three… open your eyes!

When he snapped his fingers – he said:

“How do you feel?”

“Good” I responded.

Quick question – do you notice as you look around, how the color red seems to just stand out?  Isn’t that wild?

I looked around, and the color red became bright, vivid, and I could see it everywhere.

Holy crap dude!”  (RED was everywhere)

Laughing, he said:  ”…and this is just another evidence, that you’ve made a new decision, found a new power, and as you notice this through the evening – this RED standing out… and as you see it, you may even remember this feeling, and your resolve may get stronger and stronger, and may linger over the next several days.  Pay attention, and you’ll feel what I’m talking about…  How do you feel?”

As I looked around, all I could see was red…

…like the red in the headline of this page… or perhaps you’re noticing the red link that you can click on now.  Maybe you even notice, as you hover over the side bar – the red arrow that points over the red ‘click here now‘ button – or the red links, under the red “Recent Posts” – just on the right.

And maybe, for some reason, as you see red popping up all over the room – emerging, maybe just seeming to grow in size above all other colors, maybe you even feel a warmth – or a feeling of power, or a tingling down your spine…

…that’s it.  It feels good, doesn’t it?  This feeling – the one you’re feeling right now as you read this, as you notice the red – even in your peripheral vision STAND OUT and you may even remember this feeling – the one you feel right now, as you read this… relaxed – you may even remember this throughout the course of the day…

…confirming your decision to master the power of language.

Do you feel it?

NOW.  I want you to look up, as an experiment, and look around the room.

Is the red a little brighter?


What you’re noticing now, is the power of utilization.

And as you pay attention throughout the rest of the day, you’ll notice that it will stand out, and be just a little bit brighter, or more present, than any other color.

Cool, isn’t it?


Now, how does that work?

Simple – there are things that happen all the time, undeniable experiences in our environment.

Most people think that meaning is tied to experience, and that when something happens – it means something.   The truth is, any experience can mean – whatever you want it to mean.

Maybe realizing that now, is evidence that you’re here for a reason – that you’re reading this page right now, and just as the color red continues to stand out, you know that you’ve made a new decision – a decision that will impact you for the rest of your life… That NOW, right now – is time…

Just like in a blog post, as you were reading, language made the color red stand out, perhaps just a bit more than normal – so does language affect the perceptions of the mind.

One man, who decided to become a master of language, bends the elements to his will.
Yet another is estranged in poverty.

Your mind highlights what is pointed out to it, through the filters of perception, controlled by your attention… and as you write, and speak – your voice, your words – guide the attention of your readers…

…and as you do – you may even find yourself feeling a powerful feeling.  You may even be feeling it now.

RIGHT NOWpay attention.  I want you to remember a time – remember a time when you were powerful…. remember a time when you made a decision that changed your life… remember a time, when in ONE MOMENT, you did something that altered time forever, that changed the direction of your life.

Maybe it was a time when you decided to join your business.  Maybe it was a time when you decided to marry your spouse.  Maybe it was a time, when you made a decision that you need help, and are ready to change – and gave up drugs in a moment.

Maybe, as you remember – you can even step into your memory now!

Step into that moment of power!

Step into the past, and as it becomes the present – I want you to see through your eyes!

See the sights around you!  Feel the feelings going through your body!  Breath the way that you were breathing – look at the sights around, feel the sound of the air – the beating of your heart, feel the SOLES of your feet…

…and as you look into that moment, do you notice…

…that the color red is a little bit brighter?

I notice it, too.

Now, I want you to realize, the color red, the feeling you feel – the emotion rushing through your veins right now, is evidence – that not only is what I’m saying true – and not only can you trust in what I say, and trust this process – it is evidence that in ONE MOMENT, you can decide…

…to bring the POWER of any experience into this moment.
Pretty empowering, isn’t it?

Here’s your assignment:

First, I want you to grab a journal – a notepad, maybe an iPad – just something to write.  Notice how many times throughout the day you see the color red stand out – and just jot it down, and notice the feelings you feel.

Second, write a blog post about your experience reading this, and what you learned.  In your blog post, create 5 examples of how you could utilize a non-related phenomenon to mean whatever you want.  I want you to write this on your Empower Network Blog, and link back to this post – just add ?id=username to the end of this link: and all sales will track to you.  Click here and setup your blog for only $25.

Third, commit that the next time you have an experience that isn’t favorable to you, that you’ll make a decision to make that experience mean something useful to you.  Remember – experiences have no meaning, just the decision that guides the memory.


The power of utilization.

Fourth, I want you to watch the first video in the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive, and pay attention to how I constructed a meaning out of nothing, to make a sales pitch on command about a product I knew nothing about.

LAST – make sure that you have all of your reservations in place for San Diego (buy your tickets heremembers only).  There, at that event, these concepts are going to unlock for you in a way that you never thought possible.

You’ll see things happen with a new mindwith a new decision, with a new power inside.

Just as today, you were reading this post, and words changed your perception – you’re going to experience something – a secret, in San Diego, that will create a change that you didn’t think was possible…

Watch your email tomorrow – there is a possibility that you may learn a secret, something so powerful – that it can shake the foundations of nature itself.

-David Wood
The Guru Slayer

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I’ll see you in San Diego!

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