Wednesday, September 12, 2012

You can’t NOT think about what you DON’T want to think about, WITHOUT thinking about it! (day three)

Another powerful message from David Wood, co-creator of Empower Network, about the Power of Words!


Don’t think about a pink elephant.

Don’t visualize a purple tree.

I want you to stop your self, right now, from imagining in VIVID DETAIL, a woman with perfectly round, full, red lips, with perfect, white teeth, and the most ATTRACTIVE smile that you’ve ever seen.

(stop itreally, and especially don’t pay attention to… the fact that she just yawned.  Yawning is contagious, you know?)

In fact, while you’re at it, I want you to realize, that by the end of this blog post, you’re not going to feel empowered, and you won’t make a new decision – you’re not going to know the secret to controlling your attention, and you probably won’t feel a peaceful feeling.

It’s not going to be like yesterday’s post, and you won’t notice red standing out of the page, even a little bit.

You’re not going to pay any attention the banner on the right, or notice the red arrow, and how it changes the image just slightly – at all.  You also won’t look at a capture page after you click on this link.

You won’t feel peaceful, and calm as you read this.  It might not have the same affect as yesterday’s blog post, where your color perception changed, and red became just slightly more noticeable from my words.

Today, red WILL NOT stand out, and you’ll notice it!

Because if you feel peaceful right now, relax, and red starts standing out on it’s own… that wouldn’t be following my instructions – and if you find yourself breathing deeply, or yawning by the end of this blog post – don’t!  Because you don’t want to be paying attention to your breathing, because if you don’t, you may just notice an idea start to form in your mind…  and that’s not a good thing, because:

You can’t NOT think about what you DON’T want to think about…

…WITHOUT thinking about it!

So is it possible, that right now – because you’re not trying to understand what I’m talking about, that you don’t realize, that without thinking about it, you’ve been telling people to NOT join now?  I can’t remember a time when I started to relax, for example – where my breathing didn’t slow down, and I didn’t yawn.

Because when you relax, and you breathe deeply, and pay attention to the words on this page, you’ll notice, and your breathing may even be changing now, and it may not – and you definitely won’t yawn, and notice the color red.

Because yawning isn’t actually contagious.

I wanted to tell you a story – I remember being in a classroom in 6th grade.  I had a teacher named Mr. T – not the guy on TV, but equally scary.

Mr. T told us that yawning was contagious, and actually a psychological phenomenon, where if you started talking about yawning, not only would people start yawning – but if one person yawned, it started a kind of phenomenon, where yawning kind of unconsciously ‘passed around’ the room.

I didn’t believe it, because I wasn’t tired – there was NO WAY I was going to yawn that day.

He challenged us, he said that if we didn’t yawn in the next hour – he would give us $100.

Then, he changed the subject.

As you read the following paragraphI want you to exercise your attention.  Do you want to know how trained your mind is?  Do you think that you won’t imagine what you don’t want?

Can you make a decision, and control your mind?

Here’s what I want you to do – read this paragraph, and WHATEVER you do, just don’t visualize anything that I tell you to not visualize.  So again, all I want you to do, is to not imagine what I say, as you read it, and pay attention.


To get started, I want you to specifically not pay attention to how the muscles in your body feel, and don’t relax at all on purpose.  If it happens on it’s own, and you notice yourself feeling peaceful, or tired – that’s ok, just don’t pay any specific attention to your breathing, and try to make it slower – let it do whatever it does, ok?

Don’t pay attention to your breathing, or how your stomach is rising or falling, or the feeling on the bottom of your feet – or the sensation in your fingers… and I want you to not notice the things you see in your peripheral vision, at all.

Because if you don’t soften your vision, and relax your eyes, and notice any movement on the right, and the left of your vision right now – you might be able to control your yawning a little bit easier.

Don’t think about that at all, though.

(I actually just yawned.  Lol.)

The kind of vision that you have, if you’ve ever played basketball, as you dribble the ball, you can feel the feelings in the palms of both hands at once, and at the same time, you can remember a time when you landed a shot that didn’t seem possible – can you remember a time that you could see everything in the room at the same time, and you had a perfect moment of clarity?

SPECIFICALLY, don’t pay any attention to the bottom of your feet now, and I especially want you to not take a deep breath, and relax – because if you relax right now, it wouldn’t help you to understand this concept, ok?

Now, don’t start yawning now, because it will probably keep going throughout the day, and as you do, you may not even notice if you don’t pay attention the red links on the pages of this website, because they aren’t there to click on.


So don’t breathe deeply, relax, and pay attention with all of your mind, focused in this moment – because as you think back, and imagine white, hot sand – and how your toes felt, the last time they sank slowly, into that hot sand… the bottoms of your feet felt warm, and your breathing slowed, as the bright, yellow sun filled you with a feeling of peace… and I don’t want you to remember the sound of an ocean, roaring softly in the background, because….  

As you continue reading, with all of your attention, relaxed, and seeing everything to the left, and the right, you won’t notice that as you do, you’re breathing may not have slowed down at all, it may have just started to change though – and isn’t it fascinating, that you can’t read this without your breathing changing – just a little?

The reason your breathing has changed, is because as it changes ever so slightly, and your attention focuses on your feet, the palms of your hands – and that hot sand, the warmth of the sun…

…you’re feeling peaceful, because if you imagine it, you may even feel a warmth, or a feeling of confidence, as you relax, it’s ok to start yawning, through the day – and see every word on this page, and the keyboard on your computer, and the table that you’re sitting at… and the red that just is growing slightly brighter all over the room – or maybe it’s just a bit more noticeable today… maybe even more noticeable than yesterday.

Now,  I want you to not think back in time, to a time when you weren’t as powerful as your are right now, because as you remember a time that you were powerful, you may not be able to capture that feeling, because you’re focused on the soles of your feet, and your attention isn’t on the sun – that is rising, and warm, at all.

You probably haven’t realized by now how many times you’ve yawned, as you read this, and isn’t that just… cool?

As you continue breathing, it’s ok if you don’t imagine what life would be like, if you could tap into any emotion that you want, whenever you want – and get what you want out of life.

That’s perfectly ok.

And I’m sure that doesn’t make sense – and if you don’t read it again, it especially won’t become clear.  Can you not remember a moment, where the whole world came into focus, and a feeling came into your body, and your breathing changed, and you were filled with inspiration?

Maybe it even feels like that now.

I’m sure that you’re not remembering a time when that happened, because that isn’t what I’m telling you to do… and I’m not sure that will help you feel good as you read this, even if it doesn’t make sense.

Doesn’t it?

One time, I had an experience that didn’t quite get me what I wanted in life – it was a moment when I realized the power of inspiration, and I wasn’t in full control of my attention, like you are right now.

Then in one moment, as I was reading a page online, and remembering the past – I had an idea strike.

My body relaxed, my breathing changed in a moment, and I just knew in this very moment, in a way that maybe you haven’t realized…

…that I am going to be rich.

It might not happen immediately.

Money might not flow into your bank account daily.

You might not find that you have instantaneous success – and maybe as you decide right now, that you’re going to master these concepts, the ideas, and the knowledge, won’t be easy to learn, and flow from your mouth effortlessly.

As you start to transform your life, and as the color red doesn’t stand out of the page anymore, because you’ve now gained the power over your unconscious…

…now, I want you to realize, that even as this link isn’t standing out at all, you’re not in total control and power… if you don’t understand the power of words.

Because not understanding the power of words, isn’t really having the power you want, is it?

That’s what I thought, too.


Mind Trip For The Day:

1.  I want you to specifically not think about remembering some things right now, that you may have said… where by telling people to not do something, you are in fact commanding your unconscious mind (and theirs) to do the exact opposite.

Here’s some examples of what you may have done in the past:

This isn’t going to be like the last time, when I failed…

Replace with something like:

This isn’t going to be easy… it’s just going to be fun!


Don’t let your enemies make you depressed!

Replace with something along the lines of:

Don’t let them make you feel like you’re not POWERFUL!


Don’t get depressed over the little things…

How could you replace that?  And why?

What you don’t want to do – is accidentally visualize not getting the results that you want, by saying the exact opposite all the time, not realizing that your mind can’t visualize that.

Can’t it?

Now, I’m not saying you should make an instant decision.  Obviously some people aren’t going to get rich as quick as I did, because it’s not as easy as it looks.

The reason I’m telling you that, is because some people don’t make decisions instantly, because they haven’t had a massive amount of success yet – and that’s ok.

Because if you don’t decide to get in now, you might just find that you won’t get what you want instantly, anyways….



Assignment for the day:

1.  Make a commitment that you’ll stop negative commands that dis-empower your success, and stop it.  It doesn’t help you get what you want.  It doesn’t help you sponsor people.  It will probably take you about a week to learn to think in the exact opposite way – if you’re not getting massive results right now.

Telling a smoker to walk around and say things like this, for example – is virtually guaranteed to screw them up:

“I’m never smoking again!”

“Especially not today!”

“I have NO DESIRE to have cigarette!”

“No matter what, I WILL NOT think about how much I LOVE smoking!”

Does that make sense?

Here’s another one:

“Whatever you do… whatever it is, and by the way – you’re allowed to do ANYTHING BUT… eat that fruit over there in the garden.  Don’t even think about it.  Don’t touch it.  Don’t get near it.  Don’t eat it.  You can do ANYTHING ELSE but that.  Ok?”

How did that turn out?

Do you really think you’re better?

Be careful what you say, and don’t say – both matter.


2.  Re-word 200 things that you’ve said in the past, in a way that re-enforces the opposite, and pop it up on a blog post.  You’ll be amazed, if you’re not having the success that you want, how you’re constantly saying the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you are trying to say.

If you don’t have one yet, you can get the most badass blog in the universe, by simply clicking here.

It’s only $25 to start, and you get 100% commissions, too.

3.  Listen to a few of my audios in the inner circle – especially the one called “Speak Life Into The World“, and pay attention to how I use negative imagery in a way that creates the exact mental representation that will help me get the result that I want – all the time.

It will blow your mind.

-David Wood
The Guru Slayer

P.S.  The only reason you don’t want to go to an event, is because everyone is doing it.  You want to make a decision, not because your leaders will be there, because it’s the right thing to do, for your business.

Looking forward to meeting you in San Diego.

If you’re serious about your future – you’ll be there.

Did you yawn yet?

Lol.  If not, it’s ok – you can’t not yawn in the next few hours :)

Check this out – Glynis is a badass. You’ll meet her in San Diego:

Six badass Men-in-Black looking guys are holding her up, because she’s awesome.

Don’t go just to meet her, though.

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