Saturday, January 5, 2013

Victor Borge ~ Phonetic Punctuation Fun!

Victor Borge....Phonetic Punctuation!

What a talented Comedian and Pianist! Victor Borge was born January 3, 1909 (A Belated Happy Birthday Sir!)! He had an amazing life that was lived to the fullest right up until the end on December 23, 2000 where he passed while sleeping peacefully after a performance in Denmark!

God Bless Him!

Sharing his talents with the world until the end!

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Initially a concert musician, Victor Borge soon developed a style that combined comedy with classical music. In 1940 he immigrated to the U.S., where he achieved fame appearing in various venues, including radio, films, concert halls, Broadway and TV. Though he performed with many of the world's leading orchestras, his pianistic talent was often overshadowed by his humor.

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Be sure to check out more detailed information on Victor Borge's wonderful life at Wikipedia! A talent that will be missed for times to come! Be sure to share Victor Borge's talents with your children and grandchildren!

Look for a video coming soon of Jackson's impression of Victor Borge! ;) <3

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