Monday, January 21, 2013

Adventure Days: Pennsylvania Mountains

My boys getting ready to venture into the snowy woods! A beautiful walk in Nature!

Adventure Days in the Mountains!

Ever want to visit the mountains of Pennsylvania, but you weren't sure what to do when you got there? Well... We absolutely love to visit our home in the Mountains!

It's a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just appreciate Nature! We visit the local stores! One of my absolute favorites is The 84 Country Store in Greentown, PA! I love to visit this store because of all of the great Country Items it has for our home and also the special treats they make in store! Oh... Now I'm thinking about Fudge!


We spend lots of time just on the grounds around our home! We enjoy amazing Nature Walks through the woods hoping to spot animals! We've had animals such as deer, foxes, bears, opossums, coyotes, raccoons and skunks visit right in our back yard! It's always an Adventure!

We splash through puddles! Fly Kites! Find and Identify footprints in the snow! And yes, we can even identify certain types of animal poop! LOL!

Jackson flying his kite all by himself! The winds were giving a hard time that day too lol!

We also love to go on Critter Walks!

That's when we go searching for all those little mountain newts, frogs, snakes, butterflies, caterpillars and anything else little that we can catch for a little bit to inspect and release!

Sometimes we have to walk a little further to find some of God's beautiful creatures! Below are some pictures as we search through the woods for animals! Even if we didn't find any...we still love the Adventure and Beauty of God's Green Earth!
This was right as we were entering the woods! Two enormous pine trees came together to create a natural tunnel!

Even with his big old snow boots...Jackson manages to enjoy the streams and puddles created by the melting snow! Gotta love puddles and streams!

My little adventurer! He is determined to see the Beaver Dam and Swamp!
My little adventurer! He is determined to see the Beaver Dam and Swamp!

And he found the Beaver Dam! It's right behind him in this picture! Can you see it? ;)

We hope you enjoyed a view of our Mountain Adventure Days! We'll share some more Adventure Days soon! Be sure to visit 84 Country Store when you can! It's an Adventure in itself! Love it!!!!

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