Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday is Finally Here!!! Videos ;)

"Finally Friday!!!!" by George Jones


I know I used to feel this way! But...

Not anymore!!!

I love everyday!!! Finally Friday is still one of my favorite songs!!! I still blast it in the car!!! (Well, only if Jackson's not in the car...don't want to blast his ears out lol) How can you not? This song just rocks!!!

If you're not used to the original version....You may know this remix from the radio ;)

This Finally Friday remix says it's by Earl Thomas Conley....but can tell it's George Jones! ;)


Here is Earl Thomas Conley's Finally Friday video! Great version too! (A little slower than George Jones, but still awesome!)



Now for some other Finally Friday Fun!!!

I don't know who these 2 guys are...but great and short Finally Friday song! LOL!

posted by scottrshipley on YouTube

Which is your favorite Finally Friday song? Let me know in the comments ;)

I treat Everyday as Finally Friday!!! I love it!!!

You don't have to think "It's Finally Friday!" You don't have to feel that way....

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