Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our Story

As we wrote before LifeDesigning1 is a family owned and run business. We started due to a major life changing event just over 4 years ago April 21, 2008. The family was attending our grandmother's funeral ...(miss her so much...what an amazing woman!)... as we were on our way to the cemetery from the church, the procession of cars we were in just stopped! It turned out that our mother had a "widow maker" heart attack in the limosine at the front of the procession! We, as a family, were a complete mess...we couldn't lose 2 important women in our lives within just a couple of days! This couldn't be happening!

We came together as a family! Emergency numbers were called numerous times from all over the procession line of cars! A police officer "made a wrong turn" and came upon our procession. He used a defibrilator on our mom and she was able to breathe on her way to the hospital in the ambulance! (We think Gram said: "I don't think so...get back down there!" Thank you Gram!) At the hospital, Mom got a life saving surgery and is here today!

That day completely changed our lives! We look at each and everyday differently! Each and everyday is truly a blessing to be cherished!

Since this miraculous day, we have told others our story and invited them to join us in the learning process about Health, Wealth and Living the Life of our Dreams!

Share your stories with us and comment below on what you would like to know more about!

Through our learning process we have heard about PURE! It is an amazing dietary supplement that has majorly increased energy in all of us!

Nikki - I wanted to clean my oven! LOL! Who really wants to do that?!?

Some other testimonies:

Karen from Nazareth - "I can feel the difference PURE makes in my energy level instantaneously!"

Mom (62 years, same woman from the story above ;) ) - "My hairdresser told me that my hair is the healthiest it's ever been! They didn't even use conditioner!"

Bob from Pennsylvania - "I feel more focused in my thought process as I go through the day. I also have more energy when I normally 'would hit the wall' late in the morning."

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