Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Glacial Lake Fishing

Picture of the Glacial Lake near our mountain home
My 15 in Large Mouth Bass!
What an amazing evening! I got to go fishing in the Glacial Lake near our mountain home for the first time! I actually went through a bit of swamp to get there, but I was a trooper and it was well worth every swampy step! What a gorgeous sight to come out of the bushes and swamp to see the view!

My husband and I spent 4 hours out on that lake without another person in sight! Most people won't make the trip through the swamp to get nobody around!

How peaceful and majestic! My husband, me and a beautiful glacial lake all to ourselves!

I fish often, but have never been able to catch "the big ones" from the shore. So I do believe that the picture to the left is of the largest fish I have ever caught! LOL!

I was completely thrilled!

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