Tuesday, March 5, 2013

LifeDesigning 1 Team Confesses….

Foodies 101!

LifeDesigning1 is Admitting:  WE ARE FOODIES!

There comes a time when one has to confess… and the time is now!
We are……. FOODIES!

We are……. foodies from way back!  It's actually generational!  

My Grandparents (mom's) came to the United States from Austria, Hungary & Yugoslavia (specifically, in an area which is now Slovenia) with many wonderful hopes, dreams and passions!  The United States was a promise of opportunity, freedom… starting a new, abundant, prosperous life!

With them they brought many skills and talents… compassion, a strong work ethic, cooking, baking, farming…. and love!  The love of family, children, friends & community! 

What we will venture into here is the extension of their passion --- ours now  --- for Food!  
In the early 1900's, my grandparents were Growing and Nurturing their food, initially, on their farm and then, on small plots of land.  

They were Cooking and Baking It!  Surrounded by family, friends and community… they cooked and baked often and they did it with Passion and Love! 

Being Foodies… we will be posting about our favorites here:  

  • Our Favorite Foods
  • Recipes
  • Cookbooks
  • TV programs
  • Classes
  • Places we've explored, munched / dined at & purchase some of our favorite foods 
  • And... of course, Restaurants!  Where we've dined and dine, some rather frequently!

This is our Adventure --- Food!  :)  

Good Times Ahead! 

A little example of what's to come ;)

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