Monday, February 4, 2013

Homemade Valentine Ideas and Pinterest

I've been on Pinterest lately and have found some absolutely adorable Homemade Valentine ideas!

Check them out! <3


I have a couple ideas for Jackson's homemade valentines this year! But I keep finding more! (So excited he wants to make them this year! <3)

Here are some more Homemade Valentine Ideas!!! Yay!

Source: via L on Pinterest

Wait! There's more! I've been having so much fun on Pinterest

Check out the Lip Whistle! So cute! And there are so many Homemade Valentine Ideas for both girls and boys! Love it!

I really love that Lip Whistle one! Oh this is going to be difficult!!! Oooh the airplane one might be good too!!!! So hard to choose!!! Jackson's going to have a blast!!!

So much fun to make Homemade Valentines! 

Awe! Check out this hairdo for girls on Valentine's Day! So cute! Do you think Jackson will mind? Hahaha! 

How about some great Homemade Valentine Food Ideas! Yum! 

Ok, I'll stop for now! I'll post more as I find them ;)!

Make sure you click on each of the pictures so you can visit the Pinterest site and find out more info!

Which Homemade Valentine Ideas do you like the best? Comment below ;)

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  1. Great post. Now there is no more excuses. Husbands cant say i don't know what to get you. LOL

    1. Definitely no excuses! Hahaha! Thanks for the comment Rudi! ;)