Friday, December 21, 2012

True Christmas Joy and Blessings

This Christmas Season we at LifeDesigning1 are all reminded of the True Blessings we have in our lives! We attended Mass at our son's school today to celebrate Christmas Joy and Blessings as well as praying for those in the world affected by harm! 

We watched our baby (Jackson - 6) walk in with his 8th grade buddy, decorate the Jesse Tree and sing for us. What a beautiful Mass! Probably one of my favorites ever! Jackson and his friends sang so strongly and proudly! 

Here are some pictures from today at Mass!

Jackson waits for his 8th Grade buddy after decorating the Jesse Tree ;)

Singing with his friends and all of the 8th Grade buddies!

We've been spotted! He ran over to give hugs! He sang so well! We are so proud!

Mommy, Daddy and Jackson! <3 So Proud!
I spent time crying in Church as I thought of last week's events in Connecticut!

The priest explained that there were 26 candles lit in the Church to represent those who passed away at Sandy Hook. :'( Our hearts and prayers have been with them since it happened! We have added them to our prayers at night and Jackson's school prays for them daily as well!

Remember your True Christmas Joy and Blessings!

Take a moment to say an extra prayer for those at Sandy Hook or if you're not the praying least give them a moment of silence.

I know it's a little blurry...but the small red candles that lead up to Jesus and those in the shape of a heart represent those at Sandy Hook :'( God Bless Them!

We took a moment after Church to light a candle, say a few prayers and Thank God for all of the Blessings in our lives! <3

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you this holiday season! 

Thank you for reading our blog! <3

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