Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching...

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching...

Jackson and I just can't seem to decide on what we want to make...

We want to do everything!

So throughout this week...

Look for some of the following...

     1. Handprint turkey cookies (with Jackson's handprint)

     2. Baby jar turkeys

     3. Fingerprint turkeys

     4. Orange scented Play Dough

Oh...the ideas are endless!

What will Jackson and I create this week?

Stay Tuned to find out!!!


Make sure to check out this pic...It's what inspired us to do Baby Jar Turkeys!

Too Cute!

Click on the pic above to

They call them Gobble Gobble Globes!
We love the name too!

We haven't had baby food in our home for quite some time now...
But we will have to go get a few jars so we can make these
adorable creations!!!!

Stay tuned!!!

Oh, you can check out this video on some Fingerprint Turkey Placecards we found as well...
Also, some napkin rings too....It will play below ;)

Stay tuned for pics of our creations!!!

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