Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Adult Adventure - "A Good Day" - Reflection & Gratitude

We posted a wonderful video clip yesterday - It brings tears to my eyes!

Tears of Joy, Love & Gratitude! I'm posting it again here:

"A Good Day" with Brother David Steindl-Rast, Benedictine Monk
Please take the time to view it…. once, twice….. daily perhaps.

Words I chose to reflect on from the clip: (Mom)

Today is a Gift to me!

I need to be - opening my eyes to see...

  • the colors
  • the sky
  • the weather
  • the faces... their stories.

I need to be - Opening my heart and "drink"....

the life-giving water and the gifts around me - civilization gifts!

I need to be - Opening my heart to all these blessings…

and to bring MY Blessings to others…
  • My Eyes…..
  • My Smile…..
  • My Touch…..
  • My Presence.....

I need to - let My Gratefulness overflow into Blessings all around me….

You may know or recall - I experienced a near death, "Widow Maker" heart attack April 21, 2008 in the limousine after the funeral mass of my dear mother and friend. It's approaching 5 years now and each and every day...

I AM…. grateful for my "Gift!" ---- Of another day!

Yesterday, discovering that video clip, I decided to explore our property and photograph some proof of the "emerging spring" here in Pennsylvania! I do hope you enjoy them!

Forsythias starting their regrowth for Spring!

Yellow crocuses with Star of Bethlehem plants peeking out!

Daffodils start to emerge!

Day Lilies breaking free!

Hyacinths springing out!
Magnolia buds reaching to the Heavens from Nikki's House!

Have "A Good Day!" Appreciate and Share Your Blessings… Today!