Saturday, November 24, 2012

Elephants Can Paint!

This is absolutely amazing! Animals have more painting talent than me!!!

I love this video! Can you imagine seeing this in person!?! WOW!

Check out the website I found this on:

The elephants seem pleased with the applause of the audience and of course the bundles of sugarcane and bananas after the paintings are completed.

Your purchase of their art provides much needed financial support for this well managed elephant camp as well as support elephant conservation.

A Certificate of Authenticity is provided with each piece of original art and the 16”x20” high quality print.
_NGEO_Image.jpg As seen on National Geographic's 'Wild On Tape
~ an excerpt from the site

This is something I came across while surfing the web today!
You can surf the web and get paid too!

Only 3 steps! YUP! It's that EASY!

  1. Click on this link!

  2. Add your email address!

  3. Watch the video!

Talk to you soon!
Nikki :)

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