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Unveiling The Mysteries Of Success – The POWER of LANGUAGE (day one)

A message from David Wood:
It was 2006 when I first decided…

…that I am going to be rich.

And each week, ferociously gathered together a group of new eyeballs, on the top floor of a Mexican restaurant called Gallos…

…and persuade strangers to decide to join a $1,000 vitamin deal.

I remember doing several hundred meetings, and each week, we’d have about 20% of the room join our deal… 

Our team grew from two…

…to four – and it was grueling.

Then, late one night, I was hanging out with my buddy Tom, who lived in a refrigerator in the back of a store.  (They hollowed it out, like a cave).

Tom introduced me to a concept - a mysterious secretthat I’m going to share with you now…

…and I never had a meeting after that day, where I didn’t sponsor at least 80% of the room.

Would you like to know what I learned?

It’s the same secret, that enabled me to mysteriously out produce around 10,000 other affiliates –  

ALL of whom had a bigger list than I did – when I was living out of the back side of a Green, 1996 dodge caravan when I decided to get into affiliate marketing in August of 2009…

…it’s the same secret, that created a single video with no email follow up, that converted at over 21% when we launched Empower Network.

…over the next month, I’m going to teach you to master the mysterious secret.  However, I’m not going to tell you the day that I’ll share it, and you’ll have to pay attention carefully if you want to absorb it’s true power.

You’ll need to follow my assignments, watch the videos I tell you to watch, and if you do…

…I’m going to help you DRAMATICALLY CHANGE your marketing, and unlock the key to untold powers of persuasion.

Nearly six years later and earning $350,000 a month, I was sitting in front of my computer, staring at different people’s websites, and wondering:

What the HELL is the secret?

Later that day, I was talking to Rob Fore, and he casually mentioned how he has everything that I do transcribed…

and I remembered the conversation I had with my pal – who lived in a fridge in Alaska…

…that multiplied my power of sponsoring by 400%, instantly.

I had this video transcribed, and read how I talk now – naturally, and easily, while selling – unscripted, I read like a Dan Kennedy sales letter – flowing in the unconscious…

…and now:

I realized again – the power of my words.

What I noticed, is that when there are two people, who apparently are doing the same thing, decide to take action, and go all out – that sometimes there is a man who excells abnormally beyond the other, with no apparent difference in action – at least to the untrained eye.

Over the next month (or so) I’m going to train your eye.

You’ll know exactly why something is compelling – or not compelling you to join immediately.

You’ll understand how to craft your blog posts in a way that literally COMMANDS your unconscious mind to do your bidding, and forces your prospects to either hate your guts – or conform to the power of your will.

You will become like Thor, commanding the forces of nature to abide by your bidding, with your new found power of communication, you’ll be like the masterful politician – who…

…doesn’t ever answer a question, yet rallies a nation around an ambiguous idea that FORCES the masses to vote for him, regardless of what he says – and if you pay attention NOW…

…you may even learn the secret.

Understanding the power of words, is understanding the forces of the universe itself, and how you, like any man or woman, can stand in an ocean of power of your own domain – and speak the world you choose into existence, and force the universe to conform to your will.

You can do this, trust me.

First – I want you to realize something – that language, like any other force in nature, has a structure behind the structure.

What you say isn’t always what you think you say – and that meaning is in the eye of the beholder.
Sometimes you may say to your child, like in the Garden of Eden “You CAN’T touch THAT…”  For example, if someone said:

WHATEVER you do – don’t click this red link…”

…you may find that un-intentionally, you are forcing people to do the exact opposite, and they literally can’t do anything but decide to watch the video.

You may even discover, looking back at your blog – that you’re literally commanding the unconscious mind of your prospects to not join immediately, to decide to not buy, and that without realizing it, you’ve been forcing your prospects…

…to NOW not make the very decision that can change their life in a moment.

Maybe, because that’s what YOU did.

Isn’t it?

Perhaps, after 21 days, you may even find that your language has changed automatically – and that all of a sudden, you speak with power, and communicate in artful persuasion that is unknown to all but the gods…

…and you may even start to command commissions to come into your bank account – instantly.

Do you think it’s possible for you?


…it’s time to make a decision – that from this moment, through the end of this month, you’ll do exactly as I say in these blog posts, and follow my assignments exactly.

I’m going to teach you how to use the power of words, how to break down artful communication like you’re a natural born hypnotist, and how to speak life into the world with a conviction and power that will startle the forces of nature.

This effort is going to culminate and come to fruition in San Diego – September 21-23rd, at our first annual “Fight the FORCES of EVIL” event (members only) where we are going to break down the science and power of wealth creation online…
…and all you have to be willing to do is:
Decide to take action.
Decide that you’re all in.
Decide that you’re ready to create your destiny.

Decide that there’s a better way…
…and if you’re ready, we’ll even show you the plan that we’ve used to get there.
DON’T click this link if you’re not ready for a MASSIVE breakthrough, now.

Here’s what we’re going to do first:

I want to you to set your intention, of what you’re going to make happen between now and September 21st – and create the statement in the present tense, described through the five senses, time stamped – like this:

“I am sitting in the San Diego convention center September 21st, on Friday night, gathered with 3,000 fanatical Empower Network members, sitting down – staring at the vision I created in front of my computer, smiling – as the voice of David Sharpe roars through the speakers, and I feel a rush of satisfaction, as I look down now, and realize – that in the last 2 weeks, my marketing has transformed, and am now sponsoring 2 new reps… daily, for the last week – by the power of my words…  all because I decided to listen EXACTLY to what I was told to do…  It’s amazing how easy it was to create the shift – all by following these daily assignments…”
The goal could be anything, and the more clarity you have and the stronger the descriptive language, the better.

Do it now.
There are two kinds of people who will read these posts – people who benefit, and people to whom at the end of this series – it is all a mystery.

Set your intention now.
Now that you’ve done it – I want you to read the goal out loud, visualizing yourself in the chair, reflecting back over the last two weeks – in the San Diego convention center, in the present tense.

Read your goal out loud now.
Now, there’s a few things that you’re going to need to do – right now, to follow these assignments:

1.  If you’re not in Empower Network yet, get started here for $25.  Why?  Because to master these concepts, you’re going to need to write daily for around 30-60 minutes for the next 2 weeks, on a public blog.

If you don’t follow the assignments, you won’t master the concepts – so get it, now.

2.  You are going to need 2 more products that we sell, the Inner Circle, and the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive.  After you get started, you’ll be taken to videos where you can buy them now.
Buy them.

Why?  Because You’re going to be breaking down language and writing about it on your blog that is setup instantly when you join us.  If you don’t buy the products, you won’t master the concepts, and you’re language won’t transform in the way that you want.

3.  Buy your tickets to San Diego.  Why?  Because this event that you’re attending with us this month is different than anything you’ve ever been to before.

If you don’t go, you won’t be in a position to transform your business, we’re going to be releasing something there – a formula, to go from zero to $100,000 a month.  By now I’m sure that you realize that there is a power in associating with people who have what you want…

…there’s something magical that happens to you, by the power of surrounding yourself with people who get results that are magical – and when you get to the event, you’ll know why.

Last:  Today your assignment is simple.   After you’ve followed the assignment and set your goal, I want you to write a blog post on the power of language, and put it on your Empower Network Blog.  Write it from scratch, with your own creativity, with your own stories, and link back to this post as a reference.

If you just add ?id=username to the end of the link to this post, it will track to you.  I want it to be unique – entirely original, and reference back, realizing that everything here, and on most modern sites is copyrighted, and you need to learn language, which you can only do by taking action on the assignments I’m giving to you.

After you make the blog post now, be sure to join our Google Plus Group, and participate in the discussions!

FINALLY, login to the Inner Circle (click here), scroll down, and listen to the audio called “Speak the World Into Existence” and we’ll start tomorrow :)

I’m looking forward to your transformation.

Let’s lock arms…

…and fight the forces of evil.
See you in San Diego.

-David Wood
“The Guru Slayer”

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Oh, and here’s a picture of Rob Fore using his mysterious powers at our last event (enjoy):

Rob is a mysterious badass.  

Have you written on your blog today yet?

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