Friday, August 10, 2012

I Never Go to Work!


They Might Be Giants have put it perfectly in their song Seven Days of the Week (I Never Go to Work)! This is my THEME SONG!!! I may not play the trumpet but I did play the French Horn for an entire 2 weeks in 5th grade lol!!!

Empower Network, David Wood and David Sharpe have taught me that I am an EMPOWERED individual and I don't need to slave away in a JOB everyday of my life! I love being able to write to all of you and have this be my JOB! Who wouldn't want this to do everyday!

David Wood and David Sharpe have taught me to brand myself and who I am! This is how I'm EMPOWERED!!! I have to say it's the best $25 I've ever spent!!! You can learn how to EMPOWER yourselves too!
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You too can earn 100% commissions while expressing yourself! I love it and I know you will too!
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I'll see you on the inside! Appreciate you all!
Nikki ;)

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