Sunday, August 12, 2012

Adventure Days!

Adventure Day in Lancaster, Pa.

We have been taking my son Jackson, 5yrs old, on ADVENTURE DAYS! We have gone to different places ranging from a random trip to Sandy Hook, NJ to our most recent trip today to Lancaster, PA! As you know, Mom and I work from home so this is definitely a feasible thing for us to be able to do with Jackson at anytime! We have a wonderful time and enjoy each and everyday that blesses our lives.

Today we were supposed to go towards Glen Mills - Terrain but I was navigator for the trip and WHOOPS, I sent mom the wrong way!! Anyway, mom doesn't like "turning around" while driving, SO, we changed our minds and headed right for Lancaster, PA! Mom and I decided we would take my little man to the Wilbur Chocolate Co. to get some treats and learn about how to make chocolate!

When we arrived in Lititz, PA, the chocolate factory was right in the middle of their annual craft fair! What an extra treat! I absolutely love crafts, being someone who weaves her own baskets and taught 4 year olds for many years. We were able to get some special items at the craft fair AND get chocolate too!!! How awesome is that! Jackson loved picking out things at the craft fair, like a new personalized desk, a bracelet for Mommy and a special handcrafted ornament for our Christmas tree! After all the different items he chose there, he then walked into Wilbur and went nuts loving every minute of smelling the chocolate and choosing special treats for the entire family, as well as himself of course. LOL! Then we were off to get some delicious roast beef sandwiches and ice cream treats at the local Freeze & Frizz and get some maps to check out in the car on the way home. We picked up a Lancaster map at Freeze & Frizz and Jackson checked it out and decided we should go to the place with the rollercoaster (Dutch Wonderland)! He then proceeded to tell us exactly which ways to turn in order to get there and he was correct in his navigator skills, unlike me. (What a great social studies lesson while having fun!) Unfortunately, it was getting too late to be able to go there, but I did tell him that we would come back soon and be able to go to Dutch Wonderland again!

What an AMAZING ADVENTURE DAY!!! I am so blessed each and everyday to be able to spend it with my wonderful son! I thank my husband daily and also thank David Wood and David Sharpe for giving me the opportunity to learn what it takes to be able to continue being at home with my baby! I've done other home businesses that took me away from my son and husband; ones that kept me on the computer for hours babysitting prospects in webinars and then spending hours on the phone with them trying to get them to understand the benefits of the company and products! After the hours I spent on the phone, which I did not like, I may have been lucky to get them to join and make a whopping 14% and if they didn't join then I just wasted how much of my time! It was definitely taking a toll on me and my role as being a wife and mom! This is why I'm thankful to learn from Dave and Dave, they have taught me to empower myself! Enjoy what I do! Earn 100% commissions! I don't spend hours on the phone or webinars anymore (actually, I spend no time on the phone or babysitting in webinars at all) and Jackson loves every extra minute that I have to spend with him!

Ya know what? I LOVE IT TOO! <3

Have an ADVENTURE DAY soon!
Nikki ;)

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