Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Who's willing to let go?

It is possible to let go of the things you're used to, step out of your comfort zone and try something new!!! I've let go, come out of my comfort zone and have discovered how much I love Empower Network!!! What an amazing set of tools to utilize on a daily basis!!! I have learned soooo much that I just keep trucking along! I believe in being a lifelong learner and will continue to believe that!!!

I wanted to share a video with you by one of my favorite singers...
Francesca Battistelli: I'm Letting Go

What a beautiful song!!! One of my favorites!!! Jackson's too! (My 5 year old) He comes in the room and starts singing and dancing like the best of them!!! LOL!! God Bless that little boy!!! I love him so much!!!! I am so blessed to have a husband who wants me to be at home with our child!! Thank you honey!!! Everyday is a complete blessing to be able to spend it with my baby!!! Part of the reason, besides my loving husband, as to why I have the opportunity to be at home with Jackson is because of Empower Network! Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe have helped to make this possible for us!!! We are so grateful!!!

You can learn more about this amazing opportunity here!!! Without this loophole, I might lose out on having the extra time with my son! I don't have to call anyone, I don't have to spend hours in webinars (walking people through), I don't have to do anything really! I love it!!! I've tried other at home businesses and this is completely different! Jackson gets bummed out when I have to work, he doesn't like it, and Empower Network has allowed me to do less work and be able to reap better benefits!!!

Yes it is possible to start with $25 and still enjoy your life!!!

Join here!

Cherish everyday! Cherish your loved ones! Love and appreciate you all!!

Are you ready to let go? Let me know by clicking above! And tell me about your experiences in other home businesses! Talk to you soon! ;)

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