Monday, July 16, 2012


Have you ever been so excited about something that it gets into your dreams? Or woken up thinking, Dang I really have some screwed up dreams!!! That's me...LOL! I woke up the other day and thought that same thing:
I had a dream about David Wood, David Sharpe and Justin Verrengia...It was crazy!!! They wanted to meet up with me and I was so excited to meet them! I couldn't believe they wanted to meet me: Nikki! Holy Cow!!! What had I done so special that they wanted to meet me? Anyway, they were all in costumes and Justin takes me over to them...They called me out on exactly what I was thinking! They were actually upset with me...I was so crushed! Later found out they were just messing with me and wanted to meet up with me to help me tweak my strategies! Oh thank goodness because I know They are nothing like this in real life! They had some giant bodyguard women with them as well....CRAZY!!! I happen to go and get an event ticket to San Diego and my dreams came true!!!! I met up with them later and we had an awesome time talking strategy and posts! It was great! They were messing with me and made it a wonderful and educational experience!!! Thanks Dave, Dave and Justin! You guys rock!!!

(Jackson's helping me now: "The love about dreams!" He wanted me to post that!!! LOL! He's 5 and boy what an amazing kid!!! <3)

I wanted to write about this to point out the power of dreams! When I woke up that next morning I wanted to push myself even further! I paid attention to that dream and did some tweaking! I stepped out of the box and out of my comfort zone!!! I love Empower Network and the people involved!!! We are all here to help each other and newcomers out!!!

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Always remember: Anything can happen with dreams!!!! Love you all!!!  

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